Seeking Health is Optimizing Life Everywhere We Go

Posted by Andrea Croft on Sep 6, 2017 9:19:42 PM

Do you want to see Dr. Ben Lynch speak in person? Here is your chance!

Dr. Lynch and some team members will be traveling to several conferences, expos and seminars in the coming weeks and would love to meet you!

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How much Vitamin A is safe to take during pregnancy?

Posted by Jamy Pearson on Aug 23, 2017 6:13:10 PM

One of the most widely debated topics in prenatal health is the inclusion of Vitamin A in prenatal supplements.

But just how much is safe?

It is important to understand why Vitamin A is essential to your health and the development of your growing baby. It is also necessary to know the potential risks of Vitamin A deficiency which can include increased occurance of anemia or lowered immunity to disease and illness for both pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as infant children. Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to slower growth and development in children. 

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